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We at Almor Design, Inc. have a history that takes us back over thirty-five years. Two brothers set out on a mission to build a company from scratch that would take them farther than their wildest dreams. Today, the family business has stretched across three continents and has grown exceptionally. Constant innovation and introspection has put Heskia at the forefront of jewelry from the very beginning.

For many years the company primarily dealt with precious stones and gems but has recently expanded into the exciting world of colored diamonds. Complete with GIA-certified reports, our fancy pink, orange, and yellow pieces will dazzle all those who lay eyes upon them.

Natural color diamonds are, according to GIA, "the most rare and costly of all gemstones." But don’t worry, nothing will be costly for you here at Heskia! The best products, at the most reasonable prices is the Heskia way.

If that’s not enough, Almor Design has a large, ever-growing inventory of mountings in white and two-tone (perfect for enhancing a stone’s color!) gold in various styles, shapes, and sizes. Be sure to check them out under each appropriate category. If you don’t find what you want, let us know- on a regular basis we have our factory manufacture special orders for our customers.

Lastly, being a family-owned business means that we provide the customer with the personal attention he deserves. Individual service and immediate feedback are a guarantee with us. Don’t be fooled by our new-fangled website—you are always welcome to call and speak with an actual person.

Mr. Shaban Hezghia
   Mr. Albert
Vice President

   Mr. Morris
Vice President

Mr. Emi
Reginal Manager of CA
     Mr. Yarolin
 Reginal Manager

   Mr. Simkha
Reginal Manager

Mr. Michael
Reginal Manager

 Mr. Edwin
Account Manager

   Mrs. Yohi
Inventory Manager

Mr. Michael
   Ms. Romina